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Do Women Love More than Men,

or Just Differently?

Some stupid people started the idea that because women obviously back up their own people through everything, therefore women are blind and do not see anything. They can hardly have known any women. The same women who are ready to defend their men through thick and thin are (in their personal intercourse with the man) almost morbidly lucid about the thinness of his excuses or the thickness of his head. A man’s friend likes him but leaves him as he is: his wife loves him and is always trying to turn him into somebody else. Women who are utter mystics in their creed are utter cynics in their criticism. Thackeray expressed this well when he made Pendennis’ mother, who worshipped her son as a god, yet assume that he would go wrong as a man. She underrated his virtue, though she overrated his value. The devotee is entirely free to criticise; the fanatic can safely be a sceptic. Love is not blind; that is the last thing that it is. Love is bound; and the more it is bound the less it is blind.

G. K. Chesterton

Women can’t forgive failure.

Anton Chekhov

After launching a violent attack on one of his books in the English Review, I had asked [Cyril Joad] to lunch. A man will almost always accept an invitation from a critic who has attacked him. Women find it less easy to dissociate personal disagreements from intellectual differences. I remember my pathetic attempt to use the fact that I attacked Mrs. Naomi Mitchison’s Outline for Boys and Girls as a pretext for making her acquaintance. Like Queen Victoria, she was not amused.

Arnold Lunn

A lot of politics has ‘game’ in it, and women don’t do games very well. It’s all a combination of adversarial and friendly relations. Women, when they’re adversarial, are less friendly, or less comfortable with conflict.

Chaviva Hosek (former Ontario Liberal cabinet minister)

[With his strange and lonely temperament, George Bernard Shaw had a flair for driving women around the bend emotionally. As he confessed to a friend, ‘my genius for hurting women is extraordinary; and I always do it with the best intentions.’ One of his early loves was Miss Alice Lockett. He was cruel in his own highly complicated and peculiar way, and she responded with the kind of cruelty in which some women excel.]

George Shaw, I consider you an object to be pitied—but the truth is I might just as well speak to a stone. Nothing affects you: you are a machine, and perfectly incapable of feeling of any kind whatever. Now your book has failed—for which I am truly sorry for your sake, although it is perhaps better for other people. I suppose you mean to begin another and be another year dependent on your mother. Why on earth don’t you work?

That well-known enigmatic sense which people get by looking at the Mona Lisa is unthinkable in the case of a male portrait. The fact that in some civilizations women are veiled is not only due to jealous possessiveness on the part of the male. According to a contemporary woman writer, the element of the veiled and the hidden is associated with the very idea of womanhood.

Karl Stern

I’ve always argued for femaleness. It’s just that I was never quite sure what it was. I don’t think anyone’s sure what it is.

Germaine Greer (Interview)

Nothing can ever overcome that one enormous sex superiority, that even the male child is born closer to his mother than to his father. No one, staring at that frightful female privilege, can quite believe in the equality of the sexes. Here and there we read of a girl brought up like a tom-boy; but every boy is brought up like a tame girl. The flesh and spirit of femininity surround him from the first like the four walls of a house; and even the vaguest or most brutal man has been womanised by being born. Man that is born of a woman has short days and full of misery; but nobody can picture the obscenity and bestial tragedy that would belong to such a monster as man that was born of a man.

G. K. Chesterton

Woman as real or potential mother possesses the sense of creativeness by which one lets something grow, nurtures it, allows it to follow its own mysterious law of becoming. Man’s sense of creativeness is that of making things work.

Karl Stern

Woman is quite within her rights, indeed she is even accomplishing a kind of duty, when she devotes herself to appearing magical and supernatural. She has to astonish and charm us; as an idol, she is obliged to adorn herself in order to be adored. Thus she has to avail herself of all the arts to lift herself above Nature, the better to conquer hearts and rivet attention. It matters but little that the artifice and trickery are known to all, so long as their success is assured and their effect always irresistible.


‘Charm’—which means the power to effect work without employing brute force—is indispensable to women. Charm is a woman’s strength just as strength is a man’s charm.

Havelock Ellis

Thoughts about Women & Woman

A woman is capable of more sacrifices than a man.

Fulton Sheen

There is no slave out of heaven like a loving woman; and, of all loving women, there is no such slave as a mother.

Henry Ward Beecher

As a young woman you are watched by people who have a sexual interest in you...and you watch yourself. You are aware all the time of the effect that you are having on people.

Germaine Greer (Interview)

In Oscar Wilde’s play, The Importance of Being Earnest, Gwendolen tells Ernest, “What wonderfully blue eyes you have, Ernest! I hope you will always look at me just like that, especially when there are other people present.”

Coquettes know how to please, not how to love, which is why men love them so much.

Pierre Marivaux

In nine cases out of ten, a woman had better show more affection than she feels.

Jane Austen

Most women set out to try to change a man, and when they have changed him they do not like him.

Marlene Dietrich

The only time a woman really succeeds in changing a man is when he’s a baby.

Natalie Wood

Once made equal to man, woman becomes his superior.


Nature has given women so much power that the law has very wisely given them little.

Samuel Johnson

The fundamental fault of the female character is that it has no sense of justice.


A woman springs a sudden reproach upon you which provokes a hot retort—and then she will presently ask you to apologize.

Mark Twain

There are beautiful flowers that are scentless, and beautiful women that are unlovable.


What attracts us in a woman rarely binds us to her.

J. Churton Collins

Those women who can achieve something important for the love of a thing are most exceptional, because this does not really agree with their nature. The love of a thing is man’s prerogative.

Gerald Vann O.P.

When a woman behaves like a man why doesn’t she behave like a nice man.

Dame Edith Evans

To take a wife merely as an agreeable and rational companion, will commonly be found to be a grand mistake.

Lord Chesterfield

One of the phrases that men should never use with women, says Susan Shapiro, author of The Male-to-Female Dictionary, is “Don’t be upset.”

We act modern, cool and sophisticated, but underneath we want a daddy, a king, a god, a hero. We’ll take the heel if we can get Achilles, a champion who will carry that lance and that sword into the field and fight for us.

Robin Lakeoff

Women will often look to men for leadership and initiative. The reverse is much less true.

Woman begins by resisting a man’s advances and ends by blocking his retreat.

Oscar Wilde

Woman’s greatest art is to lie low, and let the imagination of the male endow her with depths.

George Bernard Shaw

Women are more personal in their thinking. If women start talking about things they will soon be talking about people. Men can talk about people in general, women must talk about people in particular, especially people in relation to themselves.

Milton Wright

I love men, not because they are men, but because they are not women.

Queen Christina of Sweden

Women have a wonderful sense of right and wrong, but little sense of right and left.

Don Herold

Women have much greater confidence in the infallibility of their moral judgments than men—especially in personal matters.

Women have the understanding of the heart, which is better than that of the head.

Samuel Rogers

Women like to be courted.

Milton Wright

Gallantry to women—the sure road to their favour—is nothing but the appearance of extreme devotion to all their wants and wishes, a delight in their satisfaction, and a confidence in yourself, as being able to contribute towards it.

William Hazlitt

Women regard all other women as their competitors, whereas men as a rule only have this feeling towards other men in the same profession.

Bertrand Russell

One top Republican strategist told Maureen Dowd: “It’s been a longtime secret among political consultants that women hate women candidates. Women are bred to compete. It’s the old thing: you get eleven guys, you’ve got a football team. You get eleven women, you’ve got a riot.”

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