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[NEW EDUCATION is an alternative to institutional education. It takes a very different approach—informal, conversational, uncharted, leisurely, free (of course)—and a more personal one. If you think you might like to help turn this style of liberal education into a movement, then check out the steps HERE.]

DEFENDING OBJECTIVITY: An old girl friend of mine once said “There is no such thing as objectivity in anything involving human interpretation.” Is she right? In my opinion (IMO), it’s a self-refuting over-simplification.

If the statement merely means that absolute truth or total knowledge is beyond our reach, then OK. But if it means there’s no such thing as an unbiased opinion, then it just leads to confusion. If everyone’s biased, it would be irrational to try to correct anyone else’s bias. But since there’s no force on earth that will stop people from pointing out and condemning what they consider bias or a lack of objectivitiy, her claim simply leads to inconsistency and acrimony. So, is there a solution? We simply accept that there are degrees of objectivity and that we have a duty to be as objective as our limitations allow. Those limitations include the ignorance, self-deception and partiality from which every individual necessarily suffers.

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