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With this ominous phrase Randall Sullivan concludes chapter 15 of his book The Miracle Detective. Chapter 16 deals with his investigation into a perplexing and deeply unsatisfying series of visions and locutions that began in 1988, and involves six assorted and unlikely young people in the affluent parish of St. Maria Goretti in Scottsdale, Arizona. (Although the Church was eventually to render a negative judgment on the Scottsdale apparitions, this episode remains remarkable.) Chapter 17 makes clear that the threat uttered by the “creature” Sullivan encountered in Rome was not a hollow one. But there is no second encounter. Instead, Sullivan goes through an intellectual and spiritual malaise compounded of uncertainty, confusion, and indecision. Above all, he experiences a heightened awareness of evil which, although it never touches him directly, oppresses and obsesses him. Click HERE for this chapter.

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