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In the clinic and in the counseling room, it is not at all uncommon to meet the most attractive, well-dressed, stylishly coiffured, and even seductive women who, at the age of thirty, or thirty-five, or forty, remain unattached, unloved, and in a strange way unattractive. These are not career women who have abandoned all thoughts of marriage, children, and a home because of the demands of their chosen work. Nor are they women who have dedicated their lives to a particular cause for which the single state would be a great advantage. And certainly, by any standards, they are not women lacking in physical attractiveness. But they are all alike in one particular respect—they lack the essential spark of femininity. They do not possess a clearly defined sex identity, nor have they identified themselves with typical feminine roles.

Alexander A. Schneiders (from The Anarchy of Feeling, 1963)

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