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[In his book The Anarchy of Feeling, 1963, psychologist Alexander Schneiders illustrates the dethronement of reason by anarchic feeling by quoting one of his patients, an eighteen-year-old girl with an I.Q. of 146.]

I know what I should do. I know that what I am doing is immoral and indecent. I know that I am acting contrary to all of the laws and principles of society and religion. All of this my reason tells me, and all of this I have heard time and time again from my parents, teachers, and friends. But I don’t want to do what is good and right. I find this kind of life extremely boring. When I act the way I feel like acting, I am myself, and not some caricature created by the demands of my parents, the rules of society, or the Commandments of God. Only when I act the way I feel like acting do I feel that I am really existing. And I don’t really care whether I become psychotic, derelict, or damned.

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