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“What’s new about it?”

ANSWER: “For a start, it’s free. It’s also different as well as better than institutional education.”

“What makes it different (or better)?”

ANSWER: “It’s different (or better) because it aims at enjoyment. It’s based on the idea that to be enjoyable is the first duty of liberal education, and that no other merits can even begin to compensate if it fails in that. And because it’s education for living instead of education for making a living, you could say it’s even more practical than formal education—especially with mass unemployment on the way—what with automation and all that. I can’t guarantee it, but I’m pretty sure it can increase your enjoyment of life.”

“Ok, prove it!” or “OK, so what have you got for me?”

ANSWER: I have a list of topics, such as increasing happiness, decreasing boredom, avoiding the pitfalls of romantic love, choosing the right work, etc. Is there anything there that interests you (as you hand the questioner a list printed on the inside of the sign)?”

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