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The following five minute clip from the 2003 film The Gospel of John is probably the most famous acrimonious verbal exchange in the history of the West. The dialogue is taken word-for-word from St John’s gospel, Chapter 8, Verses 31-59, using the American Bible Society’s “Good News Bible.” Shakespearean actor, Christopher Plummer, does a beautiful job as the narrator. The film was quite well received, but at three hours in length it may exhaust one’s attention if taken in one go. Taken in short segments, however, the film does an excellent job of bringing the gospel to life in a way the printed word cannot. To those who have heard these words a hundred times before from the pulpit of their church, it may even be difficult to believe they’re the same words, such is the heavy bias of familiarity and fatigue. At least that is my opinion.

Video clip from the 2003 film, The Gospel of John

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